The full lineup for the Late Late Country Special has been revealed 1 year ago

The full lineup for the Late Late Country Special has been revealed

And yes, Daniel O'Donnell will be there.

It's that time of year again, folks.


The one where people are glued to their TVs, audiences are super rowdy, and country fans line the streets of Donnybrook just hoping to get a mere glimpse of Nathan Carter as he arrives to the RTÉ studio.

Just kidding, people don't do that, probably, but if they did could you really blame them?

It's the biggest night of the year after all.

This Friday (May 5) marks the broadcast of the ever-special, always-hoppin' Late Late Country Special. 

For the past few years now, Ryan has played host to dozens of country stars from Ireland and beyond as he listens to some musics, chats to some lads, and makes the evening a night to remember for all involved.

So, if you're planning on staying in to watch this year's instalment of the show, here's what (and who) you can expect.


The show will kick off with a massive group number featuring Daniel O’Donnell, Nathan Carter, Cliona Hagan, Mike Denver, Michael English, Robert Mizzell, Derek Ryan and Trudi Lalor - as well as 100 jivers from around the country.

After that, Ryan will host a 'Circle of Friends', where stars share some family tales and chat about some of their favourite songs from the genre.

There will also be performances from Robert Mizzell and his dad Richard, who have flown in from Louisiana especially, Susan McCann and her 13-year-old granddaughter Sinead, Cliona Hagan and her sister Nicole, as well as Jimmy Buckley and his daughter Claudia.

Nathan Carter will also hit the road in search of some new talent alongside Margo, meeting the finalists in studio on Friday to perform for him and the rest of the country.


A tribute to the legend that is Hank Williams will take place later on in the night, with a go on the Wagon Wheel of Fortune to wrap things up.

There'll also be a bit of a chat with the iconic Daniel O'Donnell, because what Country Special would be complete without one?

Can't wait, tbh.

The Late Late Show Country Special, airs this Friday at 9.35pm on RTÉ One.