Game of Thrones fans were not able for the final scene of the season eight premiere 2 months ago

Game of Thrones fans were not able for the final scene of the season eight premiere

Stayed up, did you?

Last night, Game of Thrones was on.

It wasn't on at a regular time like 9pm or 10pm though. It was on in the middle of the night, which means that if you're a fan of the show, chances are you may not have seen the season eight premier yet.

Or, if you're a really big fan of the show, you will have done.

Either way, we're about to dive deep into some of the details about s08e01 so if you don't want to have the ending of the episode spoiled, stop reading now.

During last night's episode, a lot of things happened. One of the most notable things was the multiple reunions between characters who haven't seen each other in a very long time (Bran and Jon, Jon and Ayra, Sansa and Tyrion etc).

Bran and Jaime also had their own reunion towards the very end of the episode, and although their meeting wasn't exactly filled with tears, hugs, and total emotion, it was still incredibly important.

Anyone who's watched the show will remember the first ever episode where Bran accidentally sees Jaime and sister Cersei getting down to it after he climbs the tower they're in.

Not wanting their relationship to be found out, Jaime shoved Bran out the tower window leaving him unable to walk.

Bran had no memory of who pushed him out of the window, meaning that Jaime very much got away with his incestuous ways, but now the lads are back together for the first time since the show's beginning, and it's pretty poignant.

Since they've last seen each other, Bran has trained under the Three Eyed Raven and learned to see the past, the future, and other things that are also happening in the present (meaning that he absolutely knows Jaime shoved him out that window, lads).

Jaime has travelled all across Westeros, seen his children killed, and even lost a hand. It's not at all unfair to say that the two men have changed tremendous amounts  - both physically and mentally - since they last saw each other.

Their meeting assures that it really is the beginning of the end. And naturally, fans were only shocked, angered, and everything in between when they saw them back together again.


Shit's about to go down.

Game of Thrones is on tonight at 9pm on Sky Atlantic or NOW TV.