Gary Windass's fate revealed in Corrie after Rick showdown 8 months ago

Gary Windass's fate revealed in Corrie after Rick showdown

It's been a dodgy enough few months for Gary Windass.

He's had a lot of trouble with money. He's had a lot of trouble with Sarah Platt.

And now he's having a serious amount of trouble with Rick Neelan, the loan shark who's willing to do almost anything in his power to ensure he gets what he's owed.

And just scare a load of people to death, probably.

Now it appears that Gary has gotten on his bad side and the pair are having a bit of a showdown that could end one of three ways.

  1. Rick kills Gary and everybody's pretty sad about it
  2. Gary gets away and is a bit shook but otherwise grand
  3. Gary gets away and isn't that shook at all and actually ends up becoming a bit of a villain himself

Viewers have not been privy to any information as to what was going to go down after Rick brings Gary to the woods to intimate him.

He even went so far as to dig him a shallow grave so you could probably go ahead and presume that Gary wasn't exactly going to get away without anything too dodgy happening.

And while we don't know exactly how Gary is going to get himself out of this specific predicament, we do know that he is going to survive, so hooray.

Digital Spy reports that Gary is going to be in considerably more scenes following the whole forest debacle which means that he does, of course, survive.

But not only does he get away, he also appears to be leaning more and more towards the villainous role that has been predicted for his character in the past.

After all of the money issues between himself and Sarah, it was looking fairly likely that Gary was going to slip into some questionable enough behaviour.

And now, it appears that he is - so much so that he may even become a bit of a dodgy loan shark himself.

Bring it on.