Geordie Shore's Ricci reveals results of multiple face surgeries 4 years ago

Geordie Shore's Ricci reveals results of multiple face surgeries

The reality star revealed his new look on Instagram.

Former Geordie Shore star Ricci Guarnaccio has shared pictures of the results of his eyelid and face surgeries on Instagram and he looks unrecognisable.


Still visibly bruised, the reality star posted pictures after he removed his bandages to show the initial results of his multiple surgeries, saying:

“The first pic was taken one day after surgery so my eyes are obviously loads better and swelling underneath my chin and jawline have gone down.

“I’m over the moon with how the healing process is going and can already see hugely improved changes,” he added.


Ricci revealed that he has undergone an upper blepharoplasty tightening, which removes the excess eyelid skin, and a platysma muscle tightening, which tightens any loose neck skin, and says “both of them are looking unreal”.

The reality star says that he’s already looking forward to showing them off once he is fully healed.

However, sources close to the star think he’s taking his love of cosmetic surgery too far.


“Ricci is obsessed with surgery. He was unhappy about the look of his face and has been for some time,” they told The Sun.

“Ricci has always had a thing about his eyes and became obsessed with having a really wide bright-eyed look.

“He’s always thinking about what he’s going to get done next so this definitely won’t be the last procedure he has.”