Group of screaming, crying islanders set to enter Love Island tonight 1 week ago

Group of screaming, crying islanders set to enter Love Island tonight

Oh, baby.

Tonight's Love Island sees a fresh bunch of contestants descend upon the villa bringing chaos, drama and plenty of tears.


That's right, the time-honoured baby challenge is back, and we cannot wait to see how this year's crop of islanders manage their bundles of joy.

The morning after the dumping, the islanders wake to hear the sound of babies crying as they learn that they are going to become parents to tiny little robots for the day.

"This is my nightmare," Tasha says as the reality of the situation dawns on her. "I've actually woken up to a nightmare."


The next few hours sees the islanders name, dress, feed , play with and soothe their little ones when they cry. At the end, the best parents will be rewarded.

Reflecting on his parenting skills, Davide says: "It's going well, she just ate, we'll do some activities later today. We'll do some gym squats later with the baby."

The challenge also sees the new dads be left to their own devices when the mums all get invited to brunch.


In the evening, the families are all reunited and head to a baby disco in the villa. Tasha appears to change her tune as she admits: "I had the time of my life. This is adorable!"

Ekin-Su then sends the babies off to sleep with a rendition of Twinkle-Twinkle Little Star (inspired by Indiyah's talent show performance, no doubt), and the sun sets on the islanders' parenting journey.

After having a glimpse into the future, Davide says: "I think when I will be a dad, I will be very caring about my kids."


Gemma, meanwhile tells Luca that he can bring their kids to football training.

"I always knew I wanted lots of kids because I came from a big family," she says. "I wouldn't go as far as broody, but when the time's right, the time's right."

Love Island continues tonight at 9pm on Virgin Media Two and on the Virgin Media Player.