If you watched 'Abducted In Plain Sight', then you absolutely need to watch 'Alison' 2 years ago

If you watched 'Abducted In Plain Sight', then you absolutely need to watch 'Alison'


Everyone has been talking about the Netflix documentary Abducted In Plain Sight lately.


It's a dark and twisted tale of stolen innocence, naivety and child abduction and abuse.

Despite being hugely disturbing, Abducted In Plain Sight is a story that has captivated an audience.

And if you were one of the people who couldn't look away - we have another documentary for you.

Amazon Prime's Alison tells the story of Alison Botha, who was kidnapped, raped and brutally attacked in South Africa in 1994.

The synopsis of the documentary reads:

*Graphic content ahead*

"Raped. Disemboweled. Nearly decapitated. Dumped on the outskirts of a nature reserve, dead - or so they thought."


"She needed a hero that night, so that's what she became. This is Alison's tale. A tale of monsters, miracles and hope."

The documentary tells the story of what happened to Alison, and what occured in the years following her brutal attack.

A review in the South African Independent Online says:

"The documentary is frank and chilling. Yet, it is also surprisingly warm and inspirational. It is not about the attack, it is about Alison the person and how she went on with the life, and how she tries to help other people do the same."