Joe Jonas dressed up as Sansa for the Game of Thrones premiere and nah, too much 3 months ago

Joe Jonas dressed up as Sansa for the Game of Thrones premiere and nah, too much


Last night, Game of Thrones was on.

If you weren't aware of this fact, then you're either not a fan, don't have a Twitter account, or simply don't care.

No matter how you feel about the show though, you'll have to put up with the entire world talking about it for the next few months so you may as well just get involved.

One person who's definitely getting involved is Joe Jonas - and yeah alright, he might be getting married to one of the stars but he'd probably be just as into the whole thing even if he wasn't.


Regardless, last night ahead of the season eight premiere, he dressed up as Sansa Stark and it was beautiful.

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Posting a video to his Instagram account with the caption: "MOOD", Joe's got a billowing red wig and a stunning blue velvet number on as he glides into the shot while the Game of Thrones title music plays.

A beautiful scene, really.

If the above is at all entirely lost on you, Joe's dressed up as Sansa because his fiancée, Sophie Turner, plays her in the show.

With us now? Great.

Joe and Sophie have been together since 2016 when they were introduced by mutual friends.

They announced their engagement a year later and are thought to be tying the knot in France this summer.

If you, unlike Joe, didn't catch the season eight premiere of GoT last night, don't worry because you can catch it on Sky Atlantic or NOW TV tonight at 9pm.