Julia Garner visited the real Anna Delvey in prison 4 months ago

Julia Garner visited the real Anna Delvey in prison

Julia Garner who stars in Inventing Anna, met the real Anna Delvey in prison to perfect her role. 

The hit Netflix show is based on the real-life of Anna Delvey (aka Anna Sorokin) who managed to forge her way into the New York social elite by posing as a German Heiress. 


Anna was a master of deception and built her reputation and connections by convincing people she was already a part of high society. The show has come out at the same time as Tinder Swindler and when viewers' obsession's with con artists' is ever-growing. 

Delvey was eventually charged with grand larceny, second-degree larceny, and theft of services, she served two years in an American correctional facility until she was released last year on good behaviour. 

She has revealed that Julia Garner who plays her character in the series came to visit her during her time in prison. 


Speaking on the Forbidden Fruit podcast with Julia Fox and Niki Takesh, the Russian native said; "She came to see me … and she is a very sweet girl."

In much contrast to the harsh Anna we see portrayed by Julia, she speaks of her on-screen counterpart fondly, "She was very nice." 

Apart from the bizarre story that is played out on screen another thing that stuck with viewers was Anna's voice. Her accent is a mix between her multilingual roots and an attempt to be a part of an exclusive class. 

Some viewers felt that Garner overdid it and found the accent jarring, however, Delvey herself defended the depiction. 


"She was portraying me from like, 2015, 2016, 2017. So now I've spent the past four years just in the States. I was surrounded by Americans so maybe my accent was different."

When Anna was first arrested she was not speaking only English which changed how her accent sounded. 

"I barely even speak German these days. All I speak is English. Back in the day, I would speak French, German, English on a daily basis."


Julia Fox who co-hosts the Forbidden Fruit podcast and starred in Uncut Gems has made headlines this year for dating Kanye and she is also apparently close friends with Anna. 

Anna called into the podcast from a county jail as she is being detained by ICE for outstaying her visa after her release from prison. It is expected that she will be deported to Germany.