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'I just want to pause everything': Holly hints at taking a break from TV
She presents This Morning and Dancing On Ice.

Hopefully she doesn't follow through on this.

We love watching her on This Morning and Dancing On Ice but Holly Willoughby has hinted that she could take a step back from her work.

The presenter is mum to three kids - Harry, eight, Belle, six, and Chester, three - and said that she wants to 'pause' as they get older.

"I don’t really want to do more, I just want to pause everything and keep everything as is," she told the Sun.

"My biggest challenge over the next few years will be parenting my children as they get older.

"When they’re babies you’re constantly thinking about making sure they’re feeding right, that they get to those milestones, that they get to school. And then suddenly, as they get older, it's their characters that are starting to build and I realise more than ever the weight of responsibility of making sure they turn out to be really good, kind human beings.

"My main focus over the next few years is churning out three very grounded, normal, happy, content children, teenagers and adults, eventually.


"That’s my greatest job I’ll ever do."

Holly, whose stylish outfits we've documented fairly extensively, added that she loves getting to dress up each week for Dancing On Ice.

"There’s not many shows where you get to wear a gorgeous, full-on princess frock.

"So I am going to run with it, let me tell you that. It’s lovely.

"It’s like dressing up every Sunday, so I’m going to use that opportunity to have a bit of fun."

We're jetting off on this week's episode of Girls With Goals! 

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