Kathryn Thomas shares adorable footage of her dog-assisted workout 3 years ago

Kathryn Thomas shares adorable footage of her dog-assisted workout

The mum-to-be continues to show off her fitness regime on social.

Kathryn Thomas has been busy sharing workout videos with followers throughout her pregnancy.


However, her latest post has definitely won the award for most adorable and she had some help from her four-legged friends.

Taking to Instagram a short while ago, Kathryn updated followers 28 weeks into her pregnancy with a video of her two dogs interrupting a workout, saying:

“Doggie assisted home workout. Energy levels change every day. Only do what you and your doc feel comfortable with.”

The Operation Transformation host has previously spoken about adapting her exercise regime throughout her pregnancy, saying she had to bid farewell to certain types.

This all comes after Kathryn shared her heartbreaking story of the two miscarriages she went through on The Late Late Show last week.

The 39-year-old is due to give birth in April, however, admitted her experiences had left her feeling “defeated” by it all.


"We were trying and nine months came and went, and then finally - and you're starting to lose faith.

"You're starting to go, 'What are we doing? Have I left it too late?', and all of that, and essentially, we got pregnant and we were over the moon."