Here are 5 key moments you missed on Love Island last night 9 months ago

Here are 5 key moments you missed on Love Island last night

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Love Island came back last night.

It happened. It's finally here. And our summer will never be the same again.

Last night's instalment of the show brought us many things. Islanders, catch phrases, catch phrases that are never going to catch on, and a coupling up that resulted in more questionable matches than instant true love.

So, without further ado, here are five key, necessary, crucial moments you may have missed from the first episode of Love Island 2019.

1. Yewande dropped a 'gas' and a 'class' into casual conversation 


Co Meath scientist Yewande has only been in the villa for a mere few hours and she's already doing us incredibly proud by bringing some of our delicious Irish lexicon all the way across the water and into the Majorcan villa.

She had barely walked down the iconic steps before admitting that something was entirely 'gas.' Later on when she was chatting to Michael about their vague mutual interest in science, she floored us all with a 'that's class.'

Nobody else in there is going to know what she's on about, but hey, we appreciate it.

What a woman.

2. Anna wants a lad who is seven foot four and won't accept anything less 

'I just want a guy who's tall and slim... or maybe short and big. But mainly tall. I want him to be tall. I want him to tower over me in my heels, cast a shadow on my body, make it impossible for us to have sex due to the significant length of his body.'

Anna knows what she wants and she's not going to be happy until she gets it.

Not even Sherif, who has to stand at at least a solid six foot three, can make her happy.

'Not tall enough,' she groaned inwardly as they were forced to couple up. 'Never tall enough.'

3. Lucie was surprisingly loyal 

C'mon, we can't be the only ones shocked by this initial display of loyalty from lads' favourite Lucie.

Accosted by Anton towards the end of the night who thought he would do poor Joe a solid and tell his bird that he fancies her, Lucie shocked everybody by completely shutting Anton down and sticking with the Sandwich Boy.

Admirable? Sure. The correct decision? Only time will tell.

Lucie did, of course, undo all of this loyalty by immediately going back to the girls and telling Amy (to her face) that Anton was interested in her.

'But he still fancies you too, babe, don't worry,' she cooed.

Of course he does, Lucie. You look the exact same. 

4. Anton told the most bizarre threesome story 

During a harmless game of Never Have I Ever, the islanders decided to find out a little more about each other over a few casual small beers and weak cocktails.

Amidst this, Anton decided to admit that he had, in fact, had a threesome following an incident where he was portraying a naked butler with two women sitting on his lap.

What followed was, of course, a threesome - because yes, that is the natural progression of such a scenario.

5. Sherif forgot what show he was in 

Ahh, Sherif.

Towards the end of last night's episode came the inevitable bombshell in the form of two new islanders, Curtis and Tommy.

The lads bounded in sure in the knowledge that both of them were going to steal two of the girls from the lads over the next few nights.

Nobody was surprised by this fact. They saw it coming.

Everyone except innocent Sherif, that is, who appeared shocked and appalled by the fact that this was going to occur.

'Ahh what?' he groaned, as the text landed into Amber's phone, his jaw dropping open, his eyes wide with fear and upset.

C'mon man, you should have known that this was going to happen.

It is what it is, we guess.

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