'Kindness is king' Tubridy reflects on the greatest Late Late Toy Show in years 7 months ago

'Kindness is king' Tubridy reflects on the greatest Late Late Toy Show in years

A special kind of Toy Show, this one.

Friday night saw the most eagerly anticipated show of the year return to RTÉ.

Officially marking the beginning of Christmas, the almost three-hour long show presented us with a tonne of toys, an array of musical numbers, and a surprise celebrity or two.

But this year's Toy Show wasn't like the Toy Shows that came before it - this time, it was for the kids. For the ones who are struggling, the ones who are there for their siblings when they need them most, and the ones who could be there at all.

Ryan Tubridy has since taken to Instagram to thank the public for their kind words following the broadcast, and to remind everyone that there's an entire team behind the Toy Show, all of whom deserve recognition for their work.

"Thank you for all the kind comments about the Toy Show," he said.

"It was a joyful experience and I’m so grateful to the team behind the scenes for the extraordinary work they put in and especially the children who reminded me and the rest of Ireland that kindness is king."

Friday night's show's highlights included boxer Ella being surprised by her hero Katie Taylor, Pokemon fan Sophia sticking it to the bullies, and little Sophie being the best big sister to ill brother Cian.

It was a wholesome occasion, and there will never be another like it.

Well, except maybe next year. A lot to live up to now, Tubs.

The Toy Show ended with a framed photo of Late Late Show veteran Gay Byrne, who became the first king of the toys way back in 1975.

He sadly passed away in his Howth home last month, after a long illness.

The Late Late Show (the regular one, unfortunately,) continues next Friday at 9.35pm on RTÉ One.