Liam and Millie say they want to get married and have children 2 months ago

Liam and Millie say they want to get married and have children

"We're both very family-oriented, we both want kids, we both want to get married."

Since winning Love Island on Monday evening, Liam and Millie have begun discussing their future together, and they've already hinted at the possibility of tying the knot.


When asked about the next step, Millie said: "The proposal is going to have to be massive."

Liam agreed, and said: "It's going to be huge. I'm sure I can pull it out of the bag, I'm sure I can do it."

The Welshman also said that he would be up for moving to Essex to be closer to Millie in the near future.

He said: "I love where I’m from but I would like to venture off and move to somewhere new and Essex seems like the perfect place really."

Millie welcomed the move, but said that they would like to have time apart for a short while.

She said: "We haven’t been away from each other yet to miss each other and do those things that you do in normal relationships. But us girls (from the villa) will rent a house in Essex, boys will rent a house in Essex, see how that goes for six months and then get a crack on with it."


While it might not sound like the couple will be moving in together anytime soon, they have discussed the possibility of having children.

Liam said: "To have children one day is a dream, it’s something I really want and with someone I love.

"I said I wanted three children, I think Millie feels the same. I’ve had an amazing upbringing myself, my family being so loving, I just want to give that to my children."

Millie agreed, saying: "We're both very family oriented, we both want kids. We both want to get married."