Love Island fans have theories about Liberty's "doubts" over Jake 2 months ago

Love Island fans have theories about Liberty's "doubts" over Jake

Someone's been having doubts.

Though they've been together since the start of the season, fans of Love Island suspect that Liberty's feelings about Jake may be starting to wane.


However, several Love Island fans have been trying to get to the bottom of Liberty's doubts, and it looks like everything is not as it seems.

Cracks started to show after the controversial Movie Night, which aired a clip of Jake saying that he didn't want to "rip her clothes off" towards the start of their relationship.

Looking for some reassurance, Liberty confronted him on this. While he repeatedly told her "You're my girlfriend", it didn't feel like our girl came away from the conversation assured in his attraction to her.

Since then, fans have been speculating that Liberty may not be as into him as she once was.

Last night's teaser trailer showed Liberty confiding in Chloe, telling her that he might not be "the one" for her.

She tells her: "If he is, he's not the one for me. If he's taking me for granted, he's not the one for me babe."

Another clip shows Chloe running to hug a visibly upset Liberty.


While we hate to see Liberty upset, some fans have been feeling that she deserves more from her relationship for quite some time now.

Love Island alum Amber Gill took to Twitter to share that she was #TeamLiberty.

She wrote: "If Liberty dumps Jake because she's realised her worth give her the 50k."


Another fan tweeted: "Is Liberty FINALLY clocking Jake isn't the one."

Someone else tweeted: "The only way this season can redeem itself is if Liberty actually does follow through and dump Jake."


Another wrote: "Angel Gabriel must've appeared in Libertys dream and shown her our tweets about Jake."

Other fans, however, had a feeling that Liberty may have been faking her doubts as part of some sort of secret challenge.


Several viewers noticed that it looks like Liberty is actually smiling when Chloe pulls her in for a hug, which could suggest her plan to dupe the islanders is working.

"Me thinking Liberty is going to finally see her worth, but it's just a challenge," one viewer wrote.

Another said: "Liberty having 'doubts' about Jake is defo a secret challenge that the producers have done for her and then get some sort of party as a reward."

So is this all part of a game? Or is their relationship really in trouble? We'll have to tune in to get the full story.

Love Island continues on Virgin Media One at 9 pm tonight.