Looks like there could be another Joe Tate-esque murder for Emmerdale soon 7 months ago

Looks like there could be another Joe Tate-esque murder for Emmerdale soon

Ah, god.

Look, we all like a good serial killer wandering about our midst.

They're interesting, they're dramatic, and sometimes, they're even a bit fun. For a while.

Lately, however, there have been so many serial killers roaming about the soaps that we literally can't keep up. Like, come on, there literally cannot be that many villainous people in one small town.

There just can't.

Apparently that doesn't matter though because it looks like there could be another notorious killer set to break out in the Dales - in the form of Graham Foster, nonetheless.

Now, as we all know very well, Graham has already got one death on his belt - Joe Tate.

He killed (well, most likely killed) Joe Tate after Cain Dingle knocked him out on the side of the road. Joe was left for dead but it was actually Graham who finished the job, confirming the cold, hard fact that he is, indeed, a killer.

And he would, absolutely, kill again.

Which is why things aren't looking that good for Nicola King, who's going to meet Graham's wrath sometime soon when he catches her out for stealing money.

Nicola has been scamming Graham and stealing money from Home Farm along with Jimmy and Robert, so it's hardly surprising that she becomes fairly worried when she realises that he's onto them.

Graham isn't just about to go to the police though. He's going to get back at them by doing something much, much more sinister.

And yeah, OK, we don't actually know what that thing is yet... but it could be murder, lads.

It definitely could.