Love Island: The girls get a shock as the boys start grafting 1 month ago

Love Island: The girls get a shock as the boys start grafting


The girls back at the main villa are in for a shock on tonight's Love Island after a surprise delivery arrives at the door.


Chloe heads downstairs to find a delivery at the front door from the boys at Casa Amor, revealing it to be a postcard.

Along with the message "wish you were!" written across it, there was also a group of pictures of the lads and they are not happy to see who they're with.

Chloe quickly heads to find the girls and each of them runs through the postcard, picking out the boy their coupled up with.

But is there something we're not seeing, because Liberty is less than impressed by it, immediately throwing it in the pool.

What could be on there that makes her that angry? One thing is for sure, the boys are starting grafting on tonight's show.


Liam's head is turning more and more for Lillie as he tells the beach hut: "She put her cards on the table, told me exactly how she felt. Obviously, I wanted to kiss her, but it’s not the right time. She took it well, said I completely respect you. The time here now, if I feel like I want to kiss her, I’m going to kiss her."

And Lillie feels the same, saying: "I think he’s trying to stay respectful, obviously his situation back in the main villa, but he also wants to explore the situation here. You’re going to have to upset someone, basically."

Hugo is making moves too, after sharing a bed with Amy, he pulls her for a chat the next morning.

Amy admits: "With you, it’s like I can’t wait to talk to you next. You’ve shown interest which is amazing. When I first came in and there was an initial something."


Hugo says: "Nice I finally acted upon it, eh?"

And as Amy goes to pinky promise Hugo, he does one better and leans in for a kiss.

Tyler and Clarisse decide to share a bed tonight, and she admits to him that all her eggs are in his basket, and it's looking like the two will do more than just cuddle in that bed.