Here's all the Love Island 2019 contestants' Instagram handles 3 years ago

Here's all the Love Island 2019 contestants' Instagram handles

It's that time of year again, folks.

We're only a mere day away from Love Island kicking off and thrusting us head first into a whole two months of sauce, seduction, and serious grafting.


A great time for all involved sure, but until then we can only spend the next 36 or so hours sitting patiently, eagerly, thirstily, as we await the villa to reopen and introduce us to the singletons who are going to make our summer 2019 worth living.

... Or we could just follow them all on Instagram in the meantime and lurk them to bits.

Whichever you prefer.

This year, it appears that more contestants than ever have already amassed themselves a decent following on the Gram ahead of the show.


Among them are Curtis Pritchard, Tommy Fury, and Anna Vakili who all had a steady number of followers on their accounts before they were even confirmed for the show.

But hey, we can't all be the sibling of a vaguely recognisably celebrity.

Here's the rest of the contestant's handles. Knock yourself out.


Yewanda Biala

Yewande is a 23-year-old scientist from Dublin.

She considers herself to be very loyal and says she would never steal a man who is coupled up with another girl. She hopes to find someone who is athletic and full of banter in the villa. Arrogance is her turn off.

Instagram handle: @yewande_biala


Lucie Donlan 

Lucie is a 21-year-old surfer from Newquay. Lucie finds that she gets on better with guys than girls because they're allegedly "less drama."

She also doesn't really think that 'girl code' exists, which bodes well for the rest of the women in there. Her last flame was Love Island 2018's Charlie Frederick.

Remember him? Us neither.

Instagram handle: @lucierosedonlan


Curtis Pritchard

Curtis might be a familiar face to many as he has starred on Dancing With The Stars Ireland. He's also the brother of Strictly's AJ Pritchard.

Curtis is 23-years-old and from Shropshire. He's a professional dancer and believes his dating life so far has been quite sheltered compared to many. He has no real type when it comes to girls and believes that love is blind.


Instagram handle: @curtispritchard12

Joe Garratt 

Joe is 22-years-old and the owner of his own catering company in London.

Joe can't stand "stuck up girls" and hopes to find someone who doesn't take themselves too seriously. The 22-year-old also admitted that he'd never cheat on a girl and only has eyes for one person at a time.

Instagram handle: josephgarratt

Amber Gill

From Newcastle, Amber is a 21-year-old beauty therapist.

She's looking for a tall, Tom Hardy lookalike in the villa and considers her love life right now to be non-existent. She's hoping that changes tomorrow.
We're sure it will, girl.

Instagram handle: @amberrosegill

Tommy Fury

Tommy is a boxer from Manchester. He's 20-years-old.

He says his dream girl is Ariana Grande and in the villa he will go to "the moon and back" to find love and get the girl he wants.
Tommy is also the younger brother to professional boxer, Tyson Fury.
Instagram handle: @tommytntfury

Anna Vakili 

Anna is from London and is a 28-year-old pharmacist.

She considers herself a drama queen who easily overacts in situations. The 28-year-old also admitts that she'd never fight for a guy, but that once they like her she will go far to make them happy.

Instagram handle: @annavakili_

Amy Hart 

Sussex Amy is a 26-year-old air hostess and cabin crew manager.

Amy isn't looking for a time waster and hopes to find true romance and someone she can travel the world with. She was also previously mistaken to be dating One Direction's Liam Payne when she posted a photo of them from a night out.

That's her fun fact. It's a good 'un, right?

Instagram handle: @amyhartxo

Anton Danyluk 

From Airdrie, this 24-year-old Scottish gym owner will be one of the first six guys to enter the villa.

Anton is looking for a girl who's into the gym because it is, of course, his passion. Anton has never been loyal in any of his relationships and says he has a severe wandering eye.


Instagram handle: @anton_danyluk

Callum MacLeod 

Callum is a 28-year-old aircraft engineer from South Wales.

He cannot stand cheating and is big on bro code. He thinks that no matter how long you know another guy, he will always be honest and upfront first.
Sound lad.
Instagram handle: @callum_macleod

Michael Griffiths 

Michael is a 27-year-old firefighter from Liverpool.

He'd rate his own looks 10/10 and hopes to find a girl who can match his energetic personality. She also has to have a nice arse.

Instagram handle: @mac_griffiths

Sherif Lanre

A chef and semi-pro rugby player, this Londoner has achieved a lot for a 20-year-old lad.

Sherif would consider himself the joker in the group and hopes to not have a wandering eye on the show.

We'll see, Sherif. We'll see.

Instagram handle: @sherif_lanre