Love Island explodes as Maura tells Anna that Jordan is cracking on with India 4 months ago

Love Island explodes as Maura tells Anna that Jordan is cracking on with India

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Not literally explodes.

C'mon, guys. You're better than that.

During last night's preview for Love Island, viewers were shocked and appalled to discover that Jordan was doing a Curtis and also a Michael by admitting that he wasn't sure that he really wanted to be with Anna.

The model said that his head had been turned by none other than India, despite the fact that he asked Anna to be his girlfriend a mere two days before. 

What a gent.

Tonight, shit is set to hit the fan as Jordan confides in Curtis about his feelings... who then naturally goes straight back to Maura and tells her what's going on.

... Who naturally goes straight to Anna and tells her that her boyfriend and planning to crack on with another girl.

Painful, like.

"I feel like over the past couple of days I’ve had a few good conversations with India," says Jordan. "I actually get on with her really well. I’m finding myself looking forward to bumping into her in the villa and having a conversation with her.”

Curtis then bounds straight over to Maura and says: “I’ve been speaking with Jordan. Basically, he is a little bit confused. He has feelings for India.”

Maura is, understandably, startled and shouts: “Sorry, what?”

Noticing that Jordan has now pulled India for a chat, Maura erupts: “Is he going to do that before talking to Anna? I don’t believe this!”

She then legs it over to Anna and pulls her for a chat on the swing seat, unceremoniously blurting out: “He’s cracking on with India. He likes India.”

Anna asks: “How do you know?” Maura replies “Curtis told me. He’s pulled her for a chat right now.”

Anna then goes over to Jordan and India to see what the story is. We can only guess that the episode will end right there - and if it doesn't, we will be surprised. tbh.