Love Island's Anton Danyluk explains the reason why he left the villa 2 years ago

Love Island's Anton Danyluk explains the reason why he left the villa

Love Island's Anton Danyluk has revealed the reason why he had to leave the villa last month.

The 24-year-old left the Love Island villa for one day towards the end of the series, with ITV only saying at the time that he had been feeling "unwell".


Despite his return in the following episode, fans were still worried about what had happened to him.

It turns out that Anton was taken out of the villa due to severe dehydration, with the gym owner telling The Scottish Sun:

“They check your water intake and I was drinking more than anyone in the villa. The problem was that I was training on hot days and drinking eight cups of coffee a day.

“It was my own fault but I was just put on a drip to get the hydration levels up.

“I didn’t feel ill. But they wanted to look after me. Initially they thought because of stomach pain it could have been my appendix but it was just dehydration.”


He also told the publication how he had seen the first two episodes of Love Island since he left the villa last weekend - and understands why his initial VT introduction may not have gone down so well.

However, he added that he was happy viewers got to see more of his real personality as the series went on.

He said:

 “I know VT didn’t go down very well but you’re in that room for an hour and say lots of things and it’s cut down.

“But it was the best thing that ever happened because in the villa it’s 24 hours-a-day and you have no choice but to be yourself.

“It’s nice that people then started to like me and even found me funny, which was a bonus.”