Love Island's Billy says Luca "wants revenge" for Gemma flirting 1 year ago

Love Island's Billy says Luca "wants revenge" for Gemma flirting

There's so much more to it.

Dumped Love Island bombshell Billy Brown has called Luca Bish "fake" as he speaks more about his time on the show, as well as his relationship with Gemma Owen.


Since leaving the villa, Billy has been an open book about his Love Island experience and hasn't held back on what really went down.

Speaking to YouTuber Will Njobvu, Billy said that Luca "was hating" when he was brought back from Casa Amor by Tasha, saying: "He could tell I would flirt with any girl."

"He was acting so nice to my face, but you know when you can see that someone's being quite fake with you? He's just putting on a act.

"Now we've seen him on screen saying 'this kid, this boy' - I'm not worried about him."


Luca was not happy when he found out Billy had been flirting with Gemma behind his back, with the pair knowing each other from before the show.

"He was stressing in there," said Billy.

"I hardly did anything. He would tell me he was annoyed about something, but he'd never tell me what it was. Then when we were in a challenge he'd say: 'Watch when a girl comes in'.


"I thought: 'Why are you saying that if you love her [Gemma]?'"

Wanting to know more, Will asked: "Did he want to see more girls come in? Do you think he wanted payback/revenge?"

Billy replied: "After he saw me and Gemma flirting, he was raging... yes."

Speaking on Capital Breakfast with Roman Kemp, Billy said that Gemma "got off lightly” when it came to what we saw on screen.


During movie night, it showed Gemma and Billy flirting during her time away from Luca, and a brief fallout soon came after.

Roman asked Billy: “You were saying that when you were in Casa Amor, Gemma Owen, who was at the time partnered up with Luca, and they’re still together now, Gemma said something to you.”

Billy then responded: "She did.”

“What did she say?,” the Capital FM presenter asked. Billy answered: “Her first words was “pull me for a chat if you want.”

Joining in, co-host Sian Welby said: "Oh! So she initiated it?"


“Yeah and then I played hard to get and didn’t even pull her for a chat,” Billy explained.