Love Island's Greg O'Shea is arriving back in Ireland tomorrow morning 4 years ago

Love Island's Greg O'Shea is arriving back in Ireland tomorrow morning

Time to crack on, wha?

Just kidding, he's taken - and also way out of our league, but hey whatever, what can you do?


Last week, Greg O'Shea won Love Island. 

He waltzed into that villa about 10 days before the entire series ended and left with a cool £25k and a stunning gal on his arm.

... And the hearts and minds of the entire British and Irish public but that was to be expected.

And now, for the first time since being crowned the winner of the series, Greg O'Shea is returning home to Limerick - and you best believe that we're going to be there (in spirit of course, can't get the hours off, you know how it be).


Greg is set to land at Shannon Airport tomorrow (Wednesday) morning at 11.20am.

We don't know this because we've been creeping, or because we've somehow hacked the intimate details of the rugby player's schedule, but because Shannon Airport full-on tweeted about it this afternoon.


"WE GOT A TEXT!" they wrote on Twitter.

"So excited to say Love Island winner & #Limerick man, Greg O'Shea, will be landing here in #ShannonAirport tomorrow morning at 11.20! 

"Let’s crack on and give him the welcome home he deserves because he is 100 percent our type on paper!" 

Great use of the brand guys, love to see it.


Greg has spent his first week out of the villa between London and Newcastle, but it's now time to return to his native Ireland and spend some quality time with his friends and family.

They've no doubt missed him dearly after the entire two weeks he was away.

There's no word yet as to whether Amber will be accompanying him on his journey home, but if she ends up in Molly's on Thursday night, we'll be sayin' nothin'.