Love Island's Kaz says cast used 'racist accents' to speak privately during filming 2 years ago

Love Island's Kaz says cast used 'racist accents' to speak privately during filming

... Right.

Kaz Crossley has said that the cast used "racist" accents and jokes to ensure they could have private conversations that wouldn't be aired.


The Love Island contestant said that producers would not be able to broadcast such conversations to the British public for fear of causing offence.

Decent tactic, in fairness, if not entirely problematic.

Kaz told Cambridge Union that doing this got them in trouble with the show's producers, but it was one of the only ways they could have conversations in private.

"You knew what they could show or not - like they couldn't put in a lot of swearing, bad words or if you talked about racist jokes, anything like that," she explained. 

"So sometimes, and we got into trouble for it, if you talk in an accent and say what you wanted to say then you knew they were never going to show it because they don't want to offend people."

"They show accents from the UK but not others, to avoid offending other countries."

Makes sense, yeah.


Kaz, who split from boyfriend Josh Denzel a few months back, said that although the show is portrayed as reality TV, many aspects of it are obviously rehearsed.

In fact, she didn't even apply to be on the show herself. Rather, she was scouted by ITV while she was spending some time in Thailand.

"I didn't actually apply, I got scouted," she said. 

"I found that a lot of people were scouted and that's because of the 'Love Island look.' They want everyone to look pretty, so they scout the hottest people and that's who they get on the show."

Humble as always, girl.


Yet entirely correct.