Maya's going to get proposed to in Emmerdale, as if things couldn't get any worse 3 months ago

Maya's going to get proposed to in Emmerdale, as if things couldn't get any worse

N o p e.

We know, alright.

We know.

All week we've been going on and on about the fact that the Maya and Jacob storyline is coming to a close, the paedophile's about to get found out, and this whole travesty will finally end.

We know that Maya and Jacob have already been caught out by Liv.

We know that the teacher's going to go on a mad night out with the gals and something intense and terrifying is going to happen.

We know that Jacob won't be able to keep his mouth shut about the affair, despite Maya's threats.

... But we also know that despite these things, this storyline is going to continue to drag on for as long as the Emmerdale writers can manage it.

And if that means having somebody propose to Maya, the messed up groomer that everybody hates, then so be it.

Louisa Clein, who plays Maya, has since revealed that her character is going to be proposed to - but she won't say whether it's Jacob or David who asks her.

Honestly, at this stage, it could be both and we wouldn't even be surprised.

Louisa told What's On TV:

"If it's coming from David, there's a question of how far Maya is willing to go to cover up the relationship with Jacob, or whether she is committed to Jacob and her promise that they will come out publicly – because she does want a future with him.

"They've decided that they'll wait until he has finished school, and then come clean to everyone."

He's a boy, Maya.

A boy. 

This comes after it was revealed that Emmerdale fans were going to be treated to a solid seven episodes of the soap a week for the next fortnight.

Exciting times ahead.

Or awful, who can say?