Michael sat under a giant 'cheat' sign on Love Island: Aftersun last night and lol 4 months ago

Michael sat under a giant 'cheat' sign on Love Island: Aftersun last night and lol

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Lol, indeed.

We've got to be honest, lads.

We don't watch Aftersun all that religiously.

Like, we'll stick it on on Sunday after the main show if we're all that bothered, but generally, once someone has left the villa we've already forgotten who they are.

It's just the way things be.

Last night, however, Michael and Joanna were going to be on Aftersun since they have both been unceremoniously dumped from the villa in the past week.

And naturally, we had to tune in.

They talked about an array of things from Amber to Casa Amor to the fact that Michael is an absolute dog, but it was one aspect of Caroline's interview with the firefighter that people couldn't get over.

The fact that he was sat directly beneath a giant 'cheat' sign.


Now, we don't know exactly how the Aftersun set works.

We don't know whether it's possible for producers to reassign the signs to suit whoever they've got on the show.

We don't even know whether that sign has been present for each one of the islander's interviews.

In fact, we don't care that much either. We're just glad to see that Michael is finally getting some accurate representation on the show.

Fair play.

This comes after Michael said that he does now think that Amber and Greg might last despite previously saying they wouldn't.

"I did say I didn’t see Amber and Greg lasting but having spoken to her since I have seen more of them and seen how nice he is," he said after leaving the villa.

"Any conversation I’ve had with him has been really sweet and he has been so respectful about the situation.

"I said she needs to get to know him and give him a chance. Having seen them together more I see it working. He makes her smile and makes her laugh and she hasn’t instantly put her walls up with him. When I see him make her smile, it makes me smile."