People are convinced Molly-Mae's faking it with Tommy on Love Island 4 months ago

People are convinced Molly-Mae's faking it with Tommy on Love Island

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C'mon girl, you can at least look excited.

Not a whole lot happened on Love Island last night.

Despite being billed as an explosive episode with new islanders, fights, and a good bit of riding, it was actually quite tame - and so, people were left to look for other forms of drama within the villa.

One of those happened to be a seemingly innocuous moment between Molly-Mae and Tommy on the swing chair.

Talking about their life outside of the villa, Tommy commented that he couldn't wait until he's able to be laying around the place with his girlfriend, away from the confines of the Love Island set and dozens of cameras.

"Just think of the nights when we're back cuddling up in bed," he said.

"Mmm.." Molly-Mae replied, with a face like a brick wall.

No, really.

Now, it is entirely possible that Molly-Mae was simply having a bad day and not in the mood to chat.

She may have been distracted by a moth, one of the producers lurking behind the pool, or Chris's awful tattoos.

She may have been too busy to give a wholesome, honest, heartfelt response to Tommy's comment, leaving viewers to falsely presume that she has no interest in the boxer at all and is simply after that sweet £50k.

Or maybe she really is. Who can say for sure?

Either way, the audience did not miss Molly-May's lack of interest in Tommy and they decided to take matters into their own hands and do what they do best.

Give out on Twitter.

In fairness, when you have your every move watched by a load of cameras and lads wandering about with megaphones telling you to have specific chats about certain things, chances are you're going to get a bit pissed off from time to time.

Perhaps, this was simply one of those times.

Or Ellie Belly has got a lot of explaining to do.