Here's all the best films on TV today (December 29) 1 month ago

Here's all the best films on TV today (December 29)

Happy December 29.

Here we are, December 29.


A few days after Christmas and a few days before the New Year. Generally there's nothing to do, but there's undoubtedly nothing to do this year.

So, why not kick back, relax, and enjoy some of the best films on the telly for the day?

You'd be up to very little else, sure.

Zootropolis - 13.55 - BBC One

A rabbit and a fox solve a mystery. Underrated.

Deep Impact - 14.30 - Channel 4

Festive viewing starring Robert Duvall and Morgan Freeman.


Frozen - 15.35 - BBC One


If the Harry Potter franchise is anything to go by, we won't be letting go of Frozen until at least 2055. But hey, it's a nice flick. And it's on today.

Marley & Me - 16.50 - TG4

Emotionally unstable? Struggling through the holidays? Missing your pet who passed away recently and want to ensure the day is that little bit worse?


Marley & Me is on at 10 to 5. Enjoy it.

Hook - 17.25 - Sky One

A classic, and worth a watch this evening if you're free (you are).


Directed by Steven Spielberg and starring Robin Williams, Dustin Hoffman, Julia Roberts, and Maggie Smith, Hook sees a grownup Peter Pan whisked away to Neverland and remember what it truly means to be a child.

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull - 18.05 - RTÉ Two 

Indiana Jones - the last one.

Miss Congeniality - 20.00 - ITV2


Sandra Bullock's greatest role. Don't @ me.

Jason Bourne - 21.00 - E4

Hey look, it's Matt Damon. But this time he's not in Dalkey, he's in Greece doing bare knuckle fighting 12 years after exposing a sinister CIA operation.

TLDR: Bourne is on the run, learns stuff about his father, fights a lot.

Spectre - 21.15 - RTÉ Two

James Bond (Daniel Craig) goes rogue after receiving a cryptic message, setting him on the trail of a secretive criminal network.

Chaos ensues. Christoph Waltz is there. Daniel Craig has sex, probably.

Jimmy's Hall - 22.00 - Virgin Media One

Directed by Ken Loach and starring Barry Ward, Jimmy's Hall tells the story of a dance hall that simply must close, only to be eventually opened again.

There is conflict. There is dancing.

The Field - 22.25 - RTÉ One

The Irish. Americans. Feuds involving land and women.

No, it's not the upcoming and inevitably chronic Wild Mountain Thyme. It's Jim Sheridan's classic, The Field.