Netflix deny any involvement in dropping sex and fertility rates 11 months ago

Netflix deny any involvement in dropping sex and fertility rates

It's not their fault they've got bangin' content.

Just no one's bangin' during it.

Netflix have been accused of a lot of things over the years.

Saturating the market, increased obesity rates, the end of relationships - you name it and the steaming giant has probably been blamed for it.

Rightly so? Wrongly so? Really, who can say for sure?

Times are changing and if Netflix is to blame for the ever dwindling number of mates we've got then so be it - we don't need friends anyway.

Or sex lives. Or children, even. So it doesn't really matter than Netflix is allegedly contributing to the decline of those things too.

Yeah, really.

A recent study conducted by The Wall Street Journal considered how binge watching affected the sex lives of couples.

One in four people said they had chosen to watch Netflix over having sex in the past six months, with an increased 36 percent of 18 to 38-year-olds saying the same.

The survey concluded that Netflix alone wasn't the cause of declining sex rates, but rather technology as a whole, as people become more interested in scrolling than screwing.

Which, in fairness, maybe isn't the worst thing in the world.

“We take pride in be­ing part of the cul­tural zeit­geist, but get­ting credit for a decades ­long de­cline in sex is be­yond even our pro­gram­ming abil­i­ties," Netflix said in a statement.

They also “denied any wrongdoing when it comes to the fertility rate, noting that the company’s American subscribers stream an average of just two hours a day per household."

Which does leave a lot more hours for other activities in fairness - sex based or otherwise.