Netflix's new crime series I Am A Killer has been shaking people to their very core 3 months ago

Netflix's new crime series I Am A Killer has been shaking people to their very core

Bit of intense midweek viewing here if you're up for it.

Netflix have been quiet enough as of late on the true crime front.

Long gone are the days of the harrowing Dirty John series, or the deeply upsetting Abducted in Plain Sight. 

Even Making a Murderer season two didn't hit half as hard as the previous season did.

Were we simply losing our lust for upsetting documentaries? Had we moved on from the gore and gruesome content that had captivated our minds for months?

Or are people simply not as into terrible things during the summer?

We may never truly know the answer to the above questions, but we do know that a new true crime series has indeed been shaking people to their cores, so thankfully there's still some interest left in us yet.

Last week, I Am A Killer dropped onto our collective TVs, phones, and tablets, ensuring that everybody would be sufficiently creeped out - and deeply upset - for many evenings to come.

The 10-part series focuses on 10 different inmates currently on death row.

Each episode details the inmate's early life, their crimes, and how the circumstances of their lives have led them to end up on death row.

Some of the men tell of their manslaughter charges after shooting their ex-girlfriends, while others document the murder of their fellow inmates.

While some have incredible remorse for their actions, others chillingly don't regret their crimes.

"We discover their motivations, their expectations and ultimately how they now view the crime, after time spent on death row," reads the series summary.

"Different viewpoints and the impact of decisions made in a split second that have changed the course of the killers’ lives throw into question the viewer’s opinions towards the killers."

The series has garnered a strong reaction from viewers online, with many saying that the series has left them shook, scared, and even deeply upset.

I Am A Killer is now streaming on Netflix.