Nicky Byrne shared the 'first ever' picture of Westlife and nah, what a throwback 1 year ago

Nicky Byrne shared the 'first ever' picture of Westlife and nah, what a throwback

1998 was a good year.

Posh Spice and David Beckham got engaged. Celine Dion nabbed a number one for 'My Heart Will Go On.' President Clinton became embroiled in the Lewinsky sex scandal.

It was all happening, and while most of it was happening abroad far far away from Ireland, some of it was also happening here too.

Most notably the formation of everybody's favourite, long-running Irish boyband, Westlife.

The first ever picture of the lads was taken in 1998, a year before their debut single 'Swear It Again' was released.

Featuring Nicky, Shane, Mark, Kian, and even the elusive Brian, the images depicts the lads hanging out on their lunch break between rehearsals outside the Pod.

Decked out in some white jeans, a lot of oversized shirts, and at least three sets of curtained fringes between them, the guys appear to be enjoying the blisteringly hot summer sun while wearing as much clothes as possible.

It's a great photo, so naturally Nicky decided to share it over on his Instagram.


"I’m sorry I had too," he wrote.

"Here is the first ever picture of Westlife. Taken in June 1998 across the road from the Pod nightclub during our lunch break from rehearsals.

"Shane is wearing my DKNY Hoodie and I am wearing my wife’s sister @official_ceceliaahern basketball top!"

Understandable, the image has garnered a lot of attention from fans who were only delighted to see the lads at their absolute youngest - before all of the fame, the fortune, and the stools to stand up off.

This comes after it was reported that the band are apparently planning a massive world tour for 2020. 

According to The Mirrorthe lads are in talks to team up with Ed Sheeran again for some new music.

However, all the big plans won't be happening until after Mark and his fiancé, Cailean O'Neill, welcome their first child together.

An insider close to the band told the publication:

"Westlife’s comeback tour has been a remarkable success and interest in their new music has been better than the band ever imagined, so plans are well underway for what comes after the album release in November.

"The boys are in big demand. Mark is going to take a short break when his new baby arrives but then it’s all systems go."

Bring it on.