People will LOVE Simon Cowell's choice for X Factor judges' houses 4 years ago

People will LOVE Simon Cowell's choice for X Factor judges' houses

YES to this.

If reports are to believed, the duo that is Simon and Cheryl will be reunited during the latter stages of this year's X Factor.


Apparently, the popular singer and TV personality will help Simon pick his finalists in the very fab surroundings of the South of France for the judges' houses part of the show.

As fans of the reality TV show will know, these two tend to bicker frequently with the resulting scenes making for great TV and it's very likely that Cheryl's appearance would send ratings sky-high.

X Factor judges' houses

Speaking to The Mail On Sunday, a source revealed the exciting news:

"Simon is ecstatic at getting Cheryl back working with him again. They’ve had their ups and downs to say the least but he hugely respects her opinion.

"He has been working on it for a while. He and Cheryl have been talking a lot over the last months. Recent reports that she wouldn’t be returning ever are obviously way off the mark".

Cheryl was interviewed on This Morning recently and the full segment is expected to air in the coming days where she talks about life since she and partner Liam Payne welcomed their six-month-old son.

The mum of one also made her first public appearance since giving birth at last weekend's charity football match held to support victims of the Grenfell Tower tragedy.


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Although she has stayed out of the limelight since giving birth to her son, it's thought that she will begin work on a new solo album shortly.