PSA: Today is officially the best Friday ever if you're a big David Attenborough fan 1 year ago

PSA: Today is officially the best Friday ever if you're a big David Attenborough fan

The BBC has made an exciting announcement.

Great news for David Attenborough lovers (AKA, 7.53 billion people) as the BBC has announced the 92-year-old will be fronting two new nature documentaries this year.

Following on from his huge success with Blue Planet and Planet Earth and most recently, Dynastiesthe documentary filmmaker will return to BBC One for a groundbreaking seven-part show called One Planet, Seven Worlds.

Each hour-long episode of the new show will explore a different continent and it sounds like viewers are in for the kind of overwhelmingly beautiful footage we saw in Dynasties (surely that film crew are superhuman?)

Digital Spy quoted the BBC on what we can expect from One Planet, Seven Worlds:

"We will discover why Australasia is full of peculiar and venomous wildlife; why North America is a land of opportunity where pioneers succeed; and what the consequences are for life racing to compete on the richest of all continents, South America.

"The series will feature remarkable, new animal behaviour from all the continents including the baking plains of Africa and the frozen waters off Antarctica. In Asia, the biggest of all continents, we will showcase life at the extremes, whilst in Europe we will reveal surprising wildlife dramas hidden right alongside us."

Compounding this exciting news, Sir David will also be fronting a joint venture between the BBC and PBS (an American broadcaster) entitled Green Planet which will focus on plants and how they work in the world.

Happy Friday indeed!