Ray D’Arcy is in big trouble with the BAI over abortion coverage 6 years ago

Ray D’Arcy is in big trouble with the BAI over abortion coverage

The Broadcasting Authority of Ireland has upheld a complaint against the Ray D’Arcy Show’s treatment of the abortion issue for the second time in six months.

The BAI decision related to an interview that D’Arcy conducted with Graham and Helen Linehan on 19th October 2015 about their abortion experience and their support for the political campaign to remove the 8th Amendment from the Constitution.


The complaint found that the interview with the Linehan’s was one sided and urged people to support the Amnesty International campaign.

Cora Sherlock of the Pro-life campaign said:

“This is the second time in the space of six months that the BAI has upheld a complaint of media bias against the Ray D’Arcy Show on the issue of abortion. The time has come for RTÉ to rein in Ray.”

“It’s not acceptable for Ireland’s taxpayer-funded broadcasting station to continue to provide a platform for people to promote their own personal agendas.”


THANKFULLY, we’re not affected by the decisions of the BAI, nor are we paid by taxpayers so here’s another video from Helen and Graham and HERE is where we’ve pledged our support to seeing the 8th Amendment Repealed.