Review: And Just Like That... episode 7 sees Carrie back writing 4 months ago

Review: And Just Like That... episode 7 sees Carrie back writing

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Carrie is back in full swing.


Episode seven of And Just Like That... has just dropped on NOW and we can all sigh a breath of relief, Carrie is back writing.

When this series started, Carrie was a contributor on a podcast, which is very 2022 of her, but fans missed Carrie sat at her computer writing - the Carrie we all know and love.

Starting the episode with a timelapse, we see the seasons change and Carrie glued to her computer screen at the window of her apartment, only to find out she's been writing a book about the tragedy of losing Big.

Bringing it to her editor, she's told she needs to give readers hope and the suggestion is made for her to head out on a date, much to Carrie's contempt. She later reveals she only needed to write the book to let her own feelings out, but inevitably agrees to the date idea.


Charlotte being Charlotte couldn't be more excited but Carrie on the other hand, just wants to get it over with.

The date initially gives the impression that it will be the most awkward thing in the world until it cuts to Carrie and her date Peter hysterically laughing as they leave the restaurant after one too many drinks, in typical Carrie fashion. That is until the two get sick on the street together. Always classy.

By the end, she agrees to a second date with Peter, played by Jon Tenney. Carrie is finally getting back to her old self - and we love to see it.

Meanwhile, Miranda confides in Carrie about her even more declining sex life with Steve and after being ghosted by Che, she's in even more of a rut.


Seducing Steve when she gets home only leaves her more sure that it's not him she wants. Seeing Che later in the episode, Miranda makes a revelation that will leave your jaw dropped, and despite the direction this relationship is headed, we really still didn't see this one coming.

Harry gets jealous of Charlotte's newfound love for tennis with Lisa and hints that he and her husband Herbert would like to play mixed doubles with them which only leads to the couple having a little bit of a tiff, something we rarely see between Harry and Charlotte.

Turns out, they're just like Herbert and Lisa who they catch bickering, later on, reassuring them that fighting is only natural in a marriage. And thank God too, the last thing I need is for the writers to hurt Harry, I'm still coping with Steve being hurt, before he even knows about it.


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