Rylan Clark gives some last minute hints before Big Brother starts 5 years ago

Rylan Clark gives some last minute hints before Big Brother starts

Not long to go now to the new series of Big Brother

And just ahead of the launch, Rylan Clark has been giving some last minute hints while broadcasting live on Facebook.


He's already told us that some of the housemates have connections with others but don't know that yet. Also, there are two houses instead of one this year which is sure to change things up.

According to Digital Spy he said:

"Our housemates are ready and raring to go. I've met them today to wish them good luck and they're mad - not in a weird way! They're great.

"This group of housemates is literally so exciting, you do not realise.

"I've been in both the houses today and they look amazing. The Others are coming, which is just great. Their profile VTs for everyone are amazing tonight.

"It looks unbelievable. Everyone that's been here today that's seen that set, their jaws have just dropped. It look absolutely great.

"Oh my God, you're all going to die when you see the live set. I actually got lost going there - that's what's bizarre.

"It's all completely different. The game is definitely changing. The Others are coming - in fact, the Others are here. And believe me - they're good."

Okay enough already with all the hints, let's start the show!