Salad Fingers is officially making a creepy comeback, and please NO 2 years ago

Salad Fingers is officially making a creepy comeback, and please NO


We all remember Salad Fingers, right?


He was that creepy, alien-like fella that haunted the Internet in the early 2000s.

Well lads, he's making a glorious comeback to the Internet - and we're a little scared.

Creator David Firth began teasing the possibility of a new episode of Salad Fingers last year and it's officially happening later this week. 

Salad Fingers rose to fame (if you'd call it that?) quite rapidly, becoming very popular on YouTube.

The episodes were bizarre, showing the man himself tickling rusty spoons, playing with finger puppets and being a general terrifying weirdo.

But, we kind of loved him, in a strange way.


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Anyway, David Firth announced that his creation is officially returning, posting a snippet on his Instagram.

Last week, he posted a trailer for the new episodes, and wow - Salad Fingers is scarier than ever.

And fans reacted accordingly, most showing their genuine fear.

"Ive been trying to forget this for so long,damnit don’t remind me! Especially at 4 AM as I’m about to pass out," wrote one of David's followers.

Another said: "Oh god... This should have died like my innocence when I watched these in elementary school.... But strangely I'm a little excited."



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Speaking recently about the new episodes, David said:

"I've just almost finished a new episode of Salad Fingers. I've been working on it for a whole year, it's the longest one yet and a lot of people thought the series had finished but I was just doing other things like Cream and making a compilation film."

"So I've just put it off a few years, but apparently five years have gone by. It's a long episode. It's a weird episode."


"A weird, dark, twisted episode as you can imagine and I feel like it's the start of a new series in a way."

Anyone excited?