Selling Sunset's Jason addresses "fake phone call" claims 2 months ago

Selling Sunset's Jason addresses "fake phone call" claims

He's not having it.

If you're anything like us, you've probably spent the past few weeks devouring the latest season of Selling Sunset.


It's also likely that you've questioned its authenticity at times.

Before the season aired, Christine Quinn confirmed some fans' suspicion that the show may be fabricated when she tweeted, "Enjoy the new season and all of it’s [sic] 5,000 fake storylines!"

Viewers subsequently pinpointed one scene in which Jason appears to be faking a phone call as "proof" that much of the show is not real.

In the scene, the property bro is spotted talking to a client on the phone, but at one point, his screen is visible. Instead of it displaying an ongoing phone call, his screen is open on the camera app, and it appears to be ready to take a photo.


Fans were quick to jump onto Twitter to point out the blunder, with one tweeting: "Jason Oppenheim 'on a phone call' during a scene in the new season of Selling Sunset. From what I see though...his camera app is open."

Others suggested that the TV show features clips of the stars "pretending" to work, and that this is a key example of that.


Word has clearly gotten back to Jason as he himself has cleared the air regarding the call, and he maintains he was genuinely talking to a client at the time.

The broker was recently approached by TMZ, who asked for a demonstration on how he was able to have his camera open while taking a call.

Right there and then, Jason got his phone out and did a demo as requested. He opened the camera as he called his assistant and allowed the TMZ reporter to hear the phone ringing.

He then said, "It's not that complicated. I know that it was a real call I know that this works."