Selling Sunset's Mary doubts the cast will remain friends after season 4 2 months ago

Selling Sunset's Mary doubts the cast will remain friends after season 4

Can it come back sooner?

We are officially hooked on Selling Sunset and we're counting down the weeks before we get to see what season four will bring.


And one thing is for sure, season four of the Oppenheim Group reality series is set to really bring the drama, but it might be a lot more than we anticipated.

This week we found out about Chrishell Stause's very unexpected romance with boss Jason Oppenheim, so that's bound to really make the newest season immediately more interesting.

And now Mary Fitzgerald has teased a lot more catfights and drama to come, with one shocking reveal.

Speaking to OK! Magazine about the upcoming antics, Mary said: "It’s been pretty crazy and a lot has changed for people. There are bigger clients, bigger real estate and changes within the cast.

But with tensions rising, Mary has suggested that they might get so high that even the closest of realtors start to turn.

She added: "I seriously doubt [things will end amicably]. People aren’t going to make up I don’t think. That would blow my mind if everything came together. Too much has happened."


"I think I can probably be professional in the office but you’ll see on season four that too much has happened and it started affecting my mental health – the ups and downs and lies."

She explained that between seasons three and four, Mary would hear and see things being done by one-time pal Christine Quinn, and when she confronted her about them, it would "switch".

Describing it like "dealing with Jekyll and Hyde", Mary has told her exactly what she thinks - season four is going to be incredible.