Sex and the City creator talks about unaired scene that was too shocking for TV 2 months ago

Sex and the City creator talks about unaired scene that was too shocking for TV

Thankfully, we never got to see it.

Throughout its run, Sex and the City was not afraid to run risky storylines and controversial scenes, given its time.


However, the show's creator Darren Star has spoken recently about one particularly shocking scene that thankfully ended up on the cutting room floor.

Star told Vanity Fair that one scene involving Charlotte's former flame Michael (Jack Koenig) was never aired, and rightly so.

Charlotte (Kristin Davis) hooked up with Michael in The Monogamists, the seventh episode of the first season, which ran in 1998.

Michael was deeply unpopular with Sex and the City fans due to his awful habit of pushing Charlotte's head down so that she would perform oral sex on him.

At the end of the episode, she confronts him for this and storms out.

According to Star however, a slightly different ending was planned.


He said: "[Michael] basically was always pushing her head down to give him oral sex. And he had this golden retriever who was always around.

"In the final scene, she basically let him have it about being offended by his insistence on just wanting a blow job. She accused him of only liking her for that and kind of stormed out. And then she walked back in and saw that his golden retriever was going down on him."

One of the writers, Amy B. Harris said that she can't believe they "even thought about doing it".

Us too, Amy.

Another scene that got cut from the show involved a storyline in which Miranda's housekeeper Magda replaced her vibrator with a statue of the Virgin Mary. After Miranda confronts her, Magda arranges condoms on her bedside table with the Virgin Mary looking over them.


Show-runner Michael Patrick King explained that they had to edit that shot.

He said: "People were like 'That's too far!' So we took Mary out."