6 reasons why Love Island's Chris has quickly become our new favourite lad in the villa 1 year ago

6 reasons why Love Island's Chris has quickly become our new favourite lad in the villa

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A few weeks ago, a special someone entered the Love Island villa.

No, not Ovie and his basketball analogies. No, not Stevie and his severe lack of game. No, not Greg, the professional rugby player who has stolen all of our hearts.

We're talking about Chris - the man who presented himself as a bit of an idiot for about two episodes only to become the most likeable, intriguing, genuinely hysterical guy in the show.

More of him, please. Cheers.

And although his hair gets far more attention than we ever would, and even though his favourite sex position is the questionable (and terrifying) anaconda, Chris has quickly become our favourite lad in the Love Island villa.

And in the world, maybe.

Here's a collection of reasons why.

1. He makes quantity surveying sexy

... Ish.

During the Men At Work challenge, the men had to don a hard hat, jump on a wrecking ball, and rescue their girl from a falling down wall or whatever.

Chris went after Ovie, which automatically meant that whatever he did was going to be entirely overshadowed by a six foot seven basketball player. Literally.

So, in order to make the challenge his own, Chris decided to be a sexy quantity surveyor instead of a builder, fold his clothes rather neatly when he took them off, and approach the entire event with more awkwardness than an actual quantity surveyor in a reality TV dating show.


2. The dedication to the Silly Salmon is next level 

Has one man ever Silly Salmoned so much?

No, he has not.

Not more than Chris anyway who has taken it upon himself to propel his body into the swimming pool at least twice per episode since his Love Island time began.

Never gets old, tbf.

3. He constantly gets rejected and is therefore relatable

Chris knows what it's like to put yourself out there and not have your feelings reciprocated.

And so do we, the average human being who has been burned in the past and not known how to deal with it.

Everybody in the Love Island villa is stunningly beautiful, confident, and has unreal game. Chris is also stunning and confident, and yet, his game is somewhat lacking, leaving him cursing himself for attempting to chat up girls by talking about chocolate bars for the eighteenth time.

Been there, mate.

4. He truly works a pair of specs

Sorry, but where have these frames been all series? Specsavers 2 for 1 Kylie Minogue collection could never.

More glasses, Chris.


5.  His hair could support the weight of one thousand men 

In 2017, Chris's local family owned pharmacy went into liquidation when their supply couldn't meet Chris's demand for gel based hair styling products.

Chris had a dark few months, hiding himself away in his childhood bedroom as his luscious locks continued to flatten, finally revealing the true shape of his head - oval.

Then he moved to London and discovered Boots.

He never looked back.

6. These sunglasses could kill a man 

And have, probably.

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