The man who voiced Pingu is NOT what we expected 6 years ago

The man who voiced Pingu is NOT what we expected

We did not see this coming.

What would our childhood have been without Pingu? It was a clay animated children's series which began in 1986. The programme centred around the lead character, Pingu, and his penguin family who lived in the South Pole.


Throughout the series Pingu used to communicate to his family through mumbled speech, which had no distinct language but instead consisted of babbling, muttering and squeaking.

His favourite catchphrase was "noot noot" where he would turn his beak into a speaker.

And now we've just found out who voiced our favourite childhood character and it took us by surprise. He is an Italian voice actor called Carlo Bonomi.



He used to perform the role without a script and got inspiration for the voice from an earlier character he had from another series, La Linea. Not only did he voice Pingu but he also voiced the entire penguin community.

He demonstrates his voice acting in this video: