This bride played the most AMAZING prank on her new husband 3 years ago

This bride played the most AMAZING prank on her new husband


Sorry, I am HOWLING laughing at this lads.


So there's this wedding trend called 'the first look'.

It's basically when a groom turns around to see his bride for the first time, and it's all caught on camera.

The pictures are ALWAYS adorable!

Groom Val Zherelyev was waiting to meet his bride Heidi when he was surprised by his soon to be brother-in-law Eric Dodds. See SWNS story NYPRANK; A groom expecting to see his bride for the first time on their wedding day was puzzled when he laid eyes upon his prankster brother-in-law donning a white dress of his own. Val Zherelyev, 26, was waiting for his bride Heidi, 25, to take photos on the morning on the couple’s wedding and was excited when he heard soft footsteps approaching from behind. Val, of Tempe, Arizona, slowly turned around expecting to have an emotional moment with Heidi only to lay eyes on her brother Eric Dodds, 30, instead. Val said: “I was so nervous and anxious but excited to see Heidi.

However, one gas bitch decided to play a brilliant prank on her groom recently, and you're going to howl.

25-year-old Heidi Zherelyev, and her partner, Val Zherelyev, had a first look photo-shoot planned.


However, the gorge bride and her brother had other plans for what is meant to be an emotional moment for a couple.

The groom was waiting, back turned, for the love of his life to appear to him like a vision.

Instead, Val turned around and saw his brother-in-law donning a white wedding dress.


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Eric said:

"I found out about this plan a few hours before the ceremony and I thought it was such a great idea."

So he put on a second-hand wedding gown, and rocked it!

"I love my sister and would do anything for her and I love my brother-in-law. She picked such a good guy.

"He loves goofy things and I love goofy things so it was exactly what he needed."

"I really got into the role. I put on girl's perfume and deodorant to get into character."

"When he turned around it was hilarious. We messed around and had a little photo shoot of our own."


Ah, this made me SMILE so hard.

Congrats to the happy couple(s).