Trinny Woodall's bizarre behaviour has everyone talking 4 years ago

Trinny Woodall's bizarre behaviour has everyone talking

What Not To Wear star Trinny Woodall's odd behaviour this week is garnering a lot of attention.

Trinny's bizarre behaviour on ITV's This Morning yesterday prompted many viewers to take to social media querying if the fashion aficionado was under the influence of alcohol.


The 53-year-old star left the show's presenters, Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby, at a bit of a loss when she opened her fashion segment by talking about spitting up phlegm,

"I was just going to spit that phlegm somewhere [pointing to the studio floor].

Sorry, that was so undignified - you know when you get it caught in your mouth and you can hardly talk so I had to send it back down the other way.

I'm ready. I'm ready and I'm poised."

The previous day saw Trinny reveal a little more than she intended after accidentally flashing her boobs on two occasions during a Facebook vlog about gym-wear, broadcast from her bathroom.

Photo: Trinny Woodall / Youtube

The fashionista seemed to be oblivious to her wardrobe malfunction and shared the video on social media, before it was removed at a later point.

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