Twenty questions we want Ryan Tubridy to ask Caitlyn Jenner 4 years ago

Twenty questions we want Ryan Tubridy to ask Caitlyn Jenner

How will Tubbers handle this one?

Reality star, ex-athlete and arguably the most high-profile transgender person in the world Caitlyn Jenner will be on the Late Late tonight and we're very much looking forward to it.


Cait's currently promoting her memoir, The Secrets of My Life, and is presumably hoping to chat to Ryan Tubridy about that.

We, on the other hand, are hoping Tubs doesn't let her off too lightly and hits her with some serious questions during the interview.

Questions like...

  1. Are Khloe and Kylie pregnant?
  2. Do you hate Kris?
  3. Have you had any interaction with OJ?
  4. Do you think he did it?
  5. Should Kourtney and Scott ditch the youngens and get back together?
  6. Really though, are they pregnant?
  7. Is Kris a puppet-master?
  8. What’s Brody up to?
  9. Who’s your favourite Kardashian sister?
  10. Who’s nicer, Kylie or Kendall?
  11. Is Kris jealous of her children?
  12. Is Kanye as scary as he looks?
  13. So... they're pregnant?
  14. Have you seen Kim’s sex tape?
  15. Did Kris leak it on purpose?
  16. What’s Black Chyna’s deal?
  17. Does Rob still make socks?
  18. Is Keeping Up scripted?
  19. Story with Khloe's nose in her latest Insta?
  20. But seriously, are they pregnant?

Also appearing on tonight's Late Late Show are Brendan Gleeson, Kevin Doyle, Samantha Power, Tommy Tiernan and Philomena Begley