Victoria Beckham says she won't be joining the Spice Girls at their London shows 4 years ago

Victoria Beckham says she won't be joining the Spice Girls at their London shows

Say you'll be there...

Because Victoria Beckham won't be.


A fair few things have happened since the Spice Girls announced that they'd be getting back together.

They decided that they were going to make some new music. They announced that they were going to go on a bit of a tour.

They made everyone question whether the tour was even to go ahead when that Geri and Mel B sex story broke and no one was sure if they were even going to perform together.

It was a whole thing, but look, we're past it now and the Spice Girls have put all their differences aside and finally started rehearsing for their string of sold out Ireland and UK dates.


Excellent news.

However, as we are all aware and not surprised by, Victoria Beckham will not be joining the rest of the lads for the tour due to her other commitments.


This is not news. Everybody knows this.

However, rumours have been abound for a while suggesting that VB might be making a surprise appearance at one of the Spice Girls' Wembley dates.

A source told The Daily Star Sunday: “It’s looking likely that it will be for the second gig at Wembley on June 14. It’s not been finalised exactly what she’ll be doing."

They added that Victoria probably wouldn't be singing, but that she may join the others for a dance segment or a cat walk as an homage to the group.


“Victoria doesn’t want to commit to the entire tour, but she is still very proud to be a Spice Girl," they said. “So she wanted to be part of the tour, even if it is only for the one night.”

Victoria, however, has actively denied this claim with her representative saying that it's not happening.

Could be to cover for the fact that it is happening and she wants it to be a surprise... or it's just full blown not going to occur.

Either way, it'll be a decent gig, like.