Viewers are not happy with Dennis after last night's I'm A Celeb 10 months ago

Viewers are not happy with Dennis after last night's I'm A Celeb

As claims of bullying on I'm A Celebrity continue, there have been calls for Dennis Wise to be removed from the show.

The footballer upset some viewers last night when he told campmate Iain Lee that he shouldn't do any more trials.

After claiming Iain had "lied" about how difficult the Temple of Gloom trial was on Tuesday night's episode, Dennis last night told Iain he had a 'problem' with him taking on the upcoming trial, Tutankha-Doom, which Iain put his name forward for.

"My only problem and I’ll be honest with you, Iain, is that you’ve said 'Get Me Out Of Here' twice and what I don’t want to do is we have no dinner."

Iain reminded him that he'd also won 11 stars in a trial but Dennis remained firm.

"If you come back with nothing everyone will be upset," he told Iain.

The lads later shook hands and ended their argument but speaking later in the Bush Telegraph, Iain said he felt humiliated.

"I was quite happy to stand my ground a bit (but) it did feel a bit humiliating having my list of failures kind of recited back to me."


Dennis meanwhile defended his opinion.

"People need to eat and people are hungry. If he doesn’t like my opinion, he doesn’t like it, but I have to say what I feel."

Many viewers took to Twitter to express their anger at how Dennis spoke to Iain.