WATCH: Jennifer Coolidge's latest Netflix horror series is super eerie 2 months ago

WATCH: Jennifer Coolidge's latest Netflix horror series is super eerie


Netflix's latest series could be the creepiest and the eeriest thing they've dropped in a while, and the worst part? It is based on a true story.


Based on the story of the New Jersey family Maria and Derek Broaddus and their three kids, it tells the story of how they moved into 657 Boulevard in Westfield in 2014 but it turned out the home only brought them more trauma than it was worth.

As the first trailer has just dropped, we are definitely in for a creep as Jennifer Coolidge plays real estate agent Karen Calhoun from Darren Dunn Realty and takes us through the home, which was being stalked by the Watcher.

So what happened? The Watcher was an unknown figure who began sending threatening letters to the family once they moved into the home.

As the threats began to get more specific and more serious and police couldn't track down who was behind the letters, the family moved out.


In the series, Jennifer's character must now sell the home despite its history, showing the dining room and saying: "Thanksgiving dinner, you can push this to the side and put the turkey right here.

"You know, so you’re just two feet away from any major piece of meat."

As she tries to show off the home, there is a constant and creepy sense that continues to emerge.

In the grand bedroom, she says: "You can actually look out and see everything that’s going on in the town. But you wanna keep the curtains closed. You know, there’s a lotta weird neighbours and stuff out there, you know. You don’t want them watching you."


The show has been created by the masterminds behind some other true crime dramas, Ryan Murphy and Ian Brennan, who created The Assassination of Gianni Versace, The People v. O. J. Simpson and Impeachment.

The Watcher is set to hit Netflix later this year with the release date yet to be confirmed.