WATCH: Netflix's latest true crime Girl In The Picture looks seriously intriguing 3 months ago

WATCH: Netflix's latest true crime Girl In The Picture looks seriously intriguing

"Her identity was a mystery to everyone. Even to her."

It feels like every other day Netflix announce the release of a new true crime documentary - not that we're complaining.


However, there's a few over the years that hit a little different than the others, namely the feature-length Abducted In Plain Sight, which dealt with the seriously sinister story of 12-year-old Jan Broberg, who was kidnapped by the same man not once, but twice.

Now, the director behind the shocking tale, Skye Borgman, is back with a brand new project, Girl In The Picture - and it looks just as jaw-dropping.

Spanning 30 years, it tells the heartbreaking story of a woman known as Sharon Marshall. But Sharon wasn't exactly who she thought she was, and found herself caught in a twisted web of lies spun by her father, Franklin Floyd. Her real identity was unknown to everyone – including herself.


A fugitive and felon, Floyd sickeningly used his daughter as a source of income when she reached her teenage years, forcing her to work in the exotic dancing industry.

The official synopsis reads: “In this documentary, a woman found dying by a road leaves behind a son, a man claiming to be her husband — and a mystery that unfolds like a nightmare.”

The trailer takes us back to 2002 when investigative journalist Matt Birkbeck received a picture of a father and daughter from a friend.


As Birkbeck says, when he saw the photo, he immediately knew something was “terribly wrong” by the look in the young girl’s eyes.

The documentary is based on the non-fiction novel A Beautiful Child and its follow-up, Finding Sharon, written by the journalist, who appears throughout the documentary to talk about what he uncovered, as it gets increasingly more bizarre the deeper it goes.

Girl In The Picture lands on Netflix on 6 July.