Will Ted Hastings die in the Line of Duty season six finale? 1 week ago

Will Ted Hastings die in the Line of Duty season six finale?

Hopefully not, no.

Line of Duty has been dominating our screens as of late. Ted, Steve, and of course, Patricia - the AC-12 guys are all anyone's been talking about for the past while, and with good reason.


The BBC show came back with a bang earlier this year for its sixth, and potentially final, instalment. The programme has long been tipped as the best British TV show of all time, and with that cast, those cliffhangers, and the severe amount of 'Sorry WHAT?' moments we've had over the past few years, it's not difficult to understand why.

With a popular series comes fan theories, and Jesus Christ, if we haven't had our fill of them this season. From the recognisable prison guard to speculation around that shootout, Reddit has almost been as entertaining as the show itself - and undeniably, the season finale is going to be no different.

This time, it's Ted that fans are theorising about - more specifically his fate, and whether he's going to survive at all.

On Sunday night's episode Hastings, who has naturally succumbed to a few bent occurrences in the past, made a seemingly throwaway comment that some viewers have taken to mean his demise may be imminent.

After the team's interview with Joanna, Ted lashed out at new supervisor Patricia, accusing her of not asking the right questions in their search for the true identity of 'H'.


While leaving the floor, he runs into Steve and utters the following: "Sometimes you don't lose, son. You just run out of time."

And while Ted may simply be detailing his departure from the force, some fans have taken Hasting's words to mean that he will, in fact, be killed off on next Sunday's finale episode.


The trailer for Sunday night's episode shows a shoot out between coppers as they finally close in on the elusive 'H', but will everybody survive the mania?


And more importantly, will Ted still be around to drop his iconic one liners? We can only hope so.

Line of Duty continues this Sunday at 9pm on BBC One.