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"Will You Have A Cup Of Tea, Father?" Twelve Things We Learned From Father Ted
We watched it enough, we definitely learned something.

The nation was saddened today to hear of the passing of acting great Frank Kelly, on the 18th anniversary of Dermot Morgan's death. 

Father Ted has special place in the Irish psyche.

Here are twelve things we learned from the series.

Careful now!


1. There's always time for a cup of tea...

Sure, our own Lord himself paused on the cross for a cup of tea.

2. These are small, but those are far away.


Self-explanatory really.


3. It's the largest lingerie department in Ireland, I believe.

Take our word for it, it is.

4. There is only one way to protest

What could possibly go wrong?


5. Never rip off an old Eurovision song.


It will come back to haunt you.

6. Is there anything to be said for saying another Mass?

Quite frankly, no.

7. They ALL have lovely bottoms.

Not just Mary!

8. Never tell anyone to be themselves.

Especially if they are Dougal.



9. The money was just resting in the account!

It was just resting in the account!



10. It's a very different movie!

It's a different shark!

11. Everyone secretly wants to get stuck in a caravan with Graham Norton.



12. Feck 

Never so relevant.

Sure it's only bleedin' deadly #Girls With Goals! 

Listen to the brand new episode NOW in the link below. 

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