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The woman whose boobs were shown on BBC news has reacted
We wouldn't like to be in that employee's shoes.

At least she sees the funny side of it.

The actress whose boobs were accidentally shown on BBC's News at Ten has finally responded to the story.

Things went t*ts up on screen last week when a computer screen in the office behind oblivious newsreader Sophie Raworth appeared to show a woman removing her bra.

It turns out that the BBC employee in the background was in fact watching an episode of True Blood.

Unfortunate timing meant that a sex scene between stars Anna Paquin and Robert Kazinsky  was accidentally shown in the background on the live news.

Anna responded to the story yesterday evening and appears to have take the whole thing very well.

You know you've made (it) when your t*ts photobomb the news at ten," she wrote on Twitter.


Her co-star, meanwhile, was just grateful that she had taken the heat off him.


So all's well that ends well, except maybe for the unfortunate person who had a TV show on in the office while the news was going out live.

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